2013 edition

In 2013, the 2nd edition of the ICCES Programme will run from June, 18 (tuesday) to July, 05 (friday).
It will take place in the facilities of Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal, located in the north of Portugal, more specifically in the city of Braga.

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal S.A. (BrgP) is a production plant of complex electronic systems. With this competency, Bosch Car Multimedia Braga, owned by Robert Bosch Portugal SGPS, S.A. and a full member of the Bosch Group, based in Stuttgart, Germany, is the leading plant of this business division.

Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal is an excellent option to host ICCES 2013, for many reasons:

  1. UMinho has a long standing cooperation agreement with this company and Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal has a long tradition in cooperating with academic institutions in different scenarios and contexts.
  2. Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal is essentially an engineering company that produces many different types of systems, which typically require multidisciplinary approaches to be developed.
  3. Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal has a great focus on innovation, creativity, and knowledge valorisation, which means that it is an adequate host for this IP.
  4. Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal owns production and commercial facilities in several countries inside and outside Europe. It’s already multinational, multilingual and multicultural experience as an engineering company is a key aspect to train Ph.D. students for the globalized economy. They will become the future drivers of the European knowledge economy.

Taking into consideration all the above mentioned arguments, locating this ERASMUS IP in the facilities of Bosch Car Multimedia Portugal (Braga) was an obvious choice for the proponents. Additionally, we should mention that Braga is easily reachable by airplane, since it is served by an international airport.

The overall programme for the 2013 edition is divided in three weeks, according to this calendar.

More details about this edition will be made available here in the near future. Please visit us frequently.